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SAUDI UNI HEALTH - National Home For Health Services



SUH will maintain the following advantages over existing competitions:

  • Strategic partnerships with leading international companies in health care industry
  • Growing reputation for delivering highly effective patient –centered medical home practices (total care)
  • State of the art medical
  • Integrated health care services with strong ties to target customers
  • Growing Reputation on delivering effective disease management programs through comprehensive care including Family medicine with other specialist’s clinics, mental health, screening services, school readiness,
geriatric case, dental and eye care and urgent care
  • Medical scientific training and research focused on contemporary care
  • Our FM doctors are highly competent with two credentials
  • IT technology use in EMR, personalized medical portal, mobile health care application, HR software, data warehouse and D&R,

Saudi Uni Health- SUH 

The project is initiated to establish and manage network of 25 centers to treat primary care patients in
accordance with a new model designed to serve the patient and /or families from holistic point of view .
Some of these centers will provide general care for all ages, with extra
specialized clinics to serve customers according to the specific community needs.
Expansion plans are laid down to reach operating and managing 200 primary care centers by 2022.

  Revenue will be generated from


  1. Insured and non-insured
  2. O.H. capitation based payment.
  3. Others: services such as commercial of health
  4. Registered

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