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HOME CARE - National Home For Health Services


Home care services:

Care Giver.

-Long term.


-Peritoneal Dialysis

This project is designed to provide medical  and  non-medical  service  for long term patient who are unable to perform their daily activities such as

Cleaning themselves dressing or they need support – such service can be provided at home in community or in hospital or Nursing Home.

This service is focusing on individual and coordinated service other than prompt independence and maximize patients quality of live.  Especially for old patient .the Service includes, but not limited to the following : - ( Medical )

  • Nursing Home .
  • Personal Care facility .
  • Residential Continuing Care Facility .
  • Home Health Care .
  • Clinical Services ( medical)
  • Nursing .
  • Drug therapy .
  • Physical therapy .
  • Home Dialysis .

-Long Term Healthcare:

Long term Health Care is usually reimbursed by either Health authorities M.O.H Hospital, Government hospital, individuals or insurance companies.

Demographic shifts has resulted in various social pattern such as smaller families, different residential patterns and increased female’s labor.

All these factors create the need for paid care.


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