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DIAGNOSTIC BIOTECH - National Home For Health Services



Diagnostic Biotech is composed of a factory, laboratories, sales and marketing, and logistics (warehouses).


Diagnostic Microbial Biotech Lab

The mission of Diagnostic Microbial Biotech Lab (DMBL) is to provide laboratories with quality kits & reagents; and to fulfill the demands of local markets in K.S.A. & other Gulf States with authenticated kits at affordable prices.

The operational process for DMBL constitutes a series of organized activities directed towards the production of quality controlled microbiological media and the production of diagnostic kits for microbes of public health importance in K.S.A. The components of each agar medium will be made according to the ASM, CDC, and W.H.O. guidelines. The operational process for each manufactured product is different and necessitates best laboratory practices in microbiology and biotech- nology. Detailed procedure for manufacturing of each product will be kept in lab records for propriety reasons. However, for manufacturing of diagnostic kits, the process will be made as described in the scientific literature and use high throughput technology.

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